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    D.3. Changes in Edition 0.1

    This is the initial version of Maven: The Complete Reference.

    The following changes were made:

    • Removed all cross-references that referenced content in the former Part I of Maven: The Definitive Guide. (MVNREF-1)

    • Uploaded new book to Scribd as both a private staging version and a public production version. Updated the book project's pom.xml accordingly. (MVNREF-2)

    • Cloned Maven: The Definitive Guide's Github repository and created a new Github repository for Maven: The Complete Reference. (MVNREF-3)

    • Modified the book project build to publish book to new URL and to use new identifiers for all generated artifacts. (MVNREF-4)

    • Created a new book cover for the downloadable PDF version of Maven: The Complete Reference. (MVNREF-5)

    • Modified the title page for Maven: The Complete Reference. (MVNREF-6)

    • Assigned new ISBN to Maven: The Complete Reference (978-0-9842433-4-1, 0-9842433-4-8). (MVNREF-8)

    • Created a GetSatisfaction page for Maven: The Complete Reference, here: http://www.getsatisfaction.com/sonatype/products/sonatype_maven_the_complete_reference . (MVNREF-9)

    • Created automated Hudson jobs for publishing to staging and production. (MVNREF-20)

    • Updated front matter and copyright to match other Sonatype books. (MVNREF-19)

    • Modified the web site template for the book pages. (MVNREF-7)

    • Add Maven: The Complete Reference to the Sonatype Books page. (MVNREF-14)

    • Created a download form for Maven: The Complete Reference PDF. (MVNREF-16)